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As a Nokia authorized enterprise device partner, we are able to cater for your android enterprise demands and requirements.


AppforPros is the world's first all-inclusive Push to Talk over cellular (PTT/ POC) solution, bringing phone-to-crew communications that are fast, reliable and cost-effective. Our group communication solution comes with everything you need to start communicating immediately, including rugged hardware, software, and data access out of the box. It's simple, affordable and scalable for any number of users. 


Get in touch for all your mission-critical device requirements. We have the best device solution for your enterprise needs.

For your private networking needs, we provide terminal solutions.

SolutionsforPros founder, Oliver Schulte has an excellent track record and almost 20 years of experience in the industry, working with renowned businesses such as Nokia’s successor HMD Global, where he played a significant role in changing the direction of the company. Prior to this, Schulte held the position of CEO Mobile and COO of the Bullitt Group which, among others, is the exclusive worldwide licensee of Cat® (Caterpillar Inc.). 


Schulte’s results are more than impressive with regard to both the growth rates and the individual management goals of the company. He knows all the products in detail and, due to his comprehensive experience, he knows exactly what he’s speaking of regarding operations, research and development, product management and sales. This extensive experience makes him the perfect head of his team with deep industry knowledge who have the right device solution for your industrial enterprise needs, including mission-critical device requirements that we encourage you to get in touch about.