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Our rugged devices use hardware especially designed to tolerate the harshest environments. The perfect choice to ensure the trials of the everyday and of the extreme are no longer a reason for device failures in business.

Facility Management
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 In a world where live updates are becoming increasingly important to businesses, our devices supply live communications for easier troubleshooting and system overview as well as allowing control in a few clicks.

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Our PTT communication service is highly reliable, with instant connectivity that is easy to deploy, integrate and manage. Letting workers effectively focus on their job.

Public safety
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Our exclusive 5G devices are ultra-reliable and complete with low-latency to enable new precision command-and-control services. The device you can place your trust in to help those who trust you.

Infrustructure, Airport, Harbours
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Our rugged devices allow workers to manage and organise large-scale operations efficiently and hassle-free with professional quality audio over cellular networks.


An expected part of the customer experience is the demand for immediate information access throughout the shipping process, let our SIM’s speed up your access to information so you can up the pace of your customer service.

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Built for both extreme and everyday environments, our products come with exceptional battery life and durable design, as well as a range of connected features.


Replacing two-way-radios with better coverage and running at lower costs, our devices are built for 1-on-1 and large group communications. 

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Our solutions enable you to automate manual processes, share medical information more easily and provide connectivity to support health monitoring, automated workflows and innovative new treatments.

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Our solutions help you reduce operational complexity so you can focus on optimizing the shopping experience across every channel. Use them to seize new digital opportunities, unify your online and in-store presence, and create a retail experience that wows your customers.

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Realize your smart grid vision. Optimize power distribution. Adapt to changing energy demands. Support new business models. Achieve your critical objectives with our solutions for power utilities.

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